Photography Projects

‘Great Photos by Kids’ – Successfully working with Schools

Over the years, our photographers have worked with hundreds of schools – developing pupils creativity and teaching them to produce stunning images, which can make a tangible difference to their projects and class work as well as offering cross curricular support to enhance many areas of the curriculum.

Pupils work can be used to produce valuable evidence of such important areas as Community Cohesion, Extended Schools, Every Child Matters, Safeguarding etc to mention just a few. There are many different projects to choose from – all can be tailored to suit your pupils age and abilities and your curriculum requirements – from Foundation to Secondary, and of course full support is offered for SEN pupils.

Our Project Section and Educational Visits show just a very small sample of the projects you could have in your school. I would be happy to offer a free consultation to see if we can assist your school in any way to achieve your aspirations, or assist in producing evidence of pupils work of key issues in school.

We also offer bespoke projects to individual schools and clusters of schools. If you come up with an idea, we can usually work a project around you – International Week, Aspirations / Careers Week, Arts Festivals, ‘The Journey’, ‘Memories’, ‘Then & Now’ are just a few examples of areas schools have asked us to work alongside them on.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Great Photos By Kids Limited