Pupil & Curriculum Benefits

There are many benefits of introducing quality photography to your pupils’ work and projects.

If your pupils (and staff) have the skills to take effective images to populate and properly emphasise all areas of their daily work, it really can add a new dimension to everything they produce – remember a picture can say a thousand words – and if it is a clear, interesting and well composed picture which is relevant to the theme (rather than just a boring snap) it can enhance their work tenfold.

Your pupils and staff can gain skills for life that can be used in all areas of school life and beyond. Good Photography skills once learned and understood are sustainable, and will benefit students and schools for years to come.

Schools can benefit from the powerful evidence and marketing materials that can be produced using pupils’ own work.

Benefits include:

Cross Curricular activities are used during projects – we can work within many different curriculum areas to bring elements of creativity to most topics.

Children of all abilities and ages can participate and be successful. Projects can be provided for all pupils – full classes or smaller groups, including Gifted & Talented Pupils, School Council, SEN Pupils, Pupils with Low Self-Esteem etc.

Teamwork, communication & making choices are all encouraged during projects. Speaking and Listening, skills are a key element & creative writing is an added benefit of the projects.

Professional Photography Books, DVD’s & Exhibition prints can all be produced from your pupils achievements. These are powerful evidence of key issues and achievements throughout school.