Add a new dimension to your curriculum – with Creative Digital Photography Projects for pupils by ‘Great Photos by Kids’.

Great Photos By Kids are based in Liverpool. We work with schools and pupils of all abilities from Foundation Stage to Secondary – and also deliver projects which include staff, parents and the community.

Our Photographers have worked with hundreds of schools – developing pupils creativity and teaching them to produce stunning images. Pupils learn to look at every day things in a creative manner, which makes a huge difference to their projects and class work.

Our Projects can support many elements across the curriculum, including Creative Writing / Art / Numeracy / History / Geography and more. We also provide evidence of Key Issues in school e.g. Everyone Matters In Our School, Our Mission/Vision Statement, Our Local Environment, Our School etc.

All Photographs taken by pupils  -  Training From Professional Photographers’

We deliver School Photography Projects for:

KeyStage1 Photography Projects Liverpool

Key Stage One (4-7)

Teaches creativity and teamwork as well as photography skills.

KeyStage2 Photography Projects Liverpool

Key Stage Two (7-11)

Teaches creativity, making choices and can support many curriculum areas.

Secondary School Photography Projects Liverpool


Projects work well with many Art topics and can support GSCE Coursework.

Foundation Learning Photography Projects Liverpool


Teaches creativity and encourages independent learning and assessment.